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The Digital Workplace of the future

Better collaboration, faster processes, comprehensive knowledge exchange and selected information acquisition

A Digital Workplace is the pivot and cardinal point for your employees, in which they can move in their digital work environment and conduct their work processes even more efficiently.

The Digital Workplace is not a finished product, rather a digital working environment in your company. It is not just a platform to communicate information company-wide, to interchange information with each other or to work on things together.

In a world of constantly growing IT landscapes and special applications, the Digital Workplace networks existing IT systems, automatically exchanges data and information between them or makes the necessary data and information available to employees directly in their work processes.

Powerful tools and digital platforms create efficient working environments

Depending on company requirements, the Digital Workplace provides various tools and platforms that facilitate the work of employees. In teamwork and information exchange, components such as information portals (e.g. intranet) and collaboration portals (e.g. team rooms or project portals) form strong elements of the Digital Workplace. In addition, solution portals adapted to special business requirements represent building blocks of a Digital Workplace.

Further central topics are the components document management and business process management. The Digital Workplace creates opportunities to exchange document digitally between people and systems, for editing them, for legally secure storage and much more. It also supports and accelerates work processes in companies with the help of automated processed or data exchange using electronic forms.

The possible application of a Digital Workplace in a company are diverse and serve the purpose of supporting, structuring and facilitating work processes.

Any place, any time, any device

The Digital Workplace provides freedom and independency

Employees can access applications, systems and data securely at any time and from any location via various end devices. This means that colleagues and teams can be worked with quickly and easily - and with a high degree of usability.

The Digital Workplace does not only change the way how your employees work. Your Business processes are also optimised and Isolated applications are networked with each other through the usw of digital workstation. This results in enormous savings potential and at the same time your IT landscape becomes sustainable.

Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace components - the right solution for every company

Start small or get in big. Decide for yourself where you want to start

Based on state-of-the-art technologies, a workplace of the future with its intelligent, collaborative and mobile possibilities increases flexibility, cooperation and productivity in your company. With numerous ready-made soloutions and the corresponding services, Halvotec offers a broad portfolio for the strategic conception, implementation and introduction of the Digital Workplace.



Fast flow of information through central communication platform



Facilitate collaboration in digital team and project rooms



Central filing, administration and archiving of documents and files

Business Process Management


User-defined workflows to speed up work processes


Automated business processes using intelligent software robots

Microsoft SharePoint as the basis for a future-oriented working environment

Benefits of a digitised working environment

Cooperation across locations

Improved productivity

User-centered working environment

Optimised knowledge exchange

Targeted communication

Provision of data

Reduced process costs

High usability

Reduction of system breaks

  • Standortübergreifende Zusammenarbeit
  • Verbesserte Produktivität
  • Userzentrierte Arbeitsumgebung
  • Optimierter Wissensaustausch
  • Gezielte Kommunikation
  • Bereitstellung von Daten
  • Reduzierte Prozesskosten
  • Hohe Usability
  • Reduktion von Systembrüchen

We rely on these technologies


Individually customised solutions instead of standardised products

We create a digital world which match to the requirements of your company

Networked Systems

All solutions are coordinated with each other, specially tailored to your company and thus enable the various systems to interlock smoothly.


Using Microsoft Technologies as basis we create  modern and sustainable digital workplaces for you.

Individual access and structure

We offer sustainable solutions that fit your requirenments. You decide which functions you start with. You can flexibly expand your Digital Workplace at a later date.

User-oriented working platform

The completely digitised work environment facilitates employees to work mobile, independent of time and place on a uniform surface.

Orientation for your path to a Digital Workplace

We accompany you as a Full Service Provider

Modern workplaces with SharePoint and Office 365

Microsoft Technologies for a mobile environment

SharePoint and Office 365 offer a wide range of standard options. We provide your Digital Workplace selectively with the tools and functions you need – both by customizing of the existing options, adding further products or through individual software development – precisely tailored to your application.

We offer mobile solutions for your Digital Workplace in SharePoint onPremise as well as in the cloud environment. Besides, Office 365 provides the advantage that all included standard-applications for communication and collaboration are already available with mobile applications.

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